When is the right time to start with a professional grooming of my dog?

As soon as your puppy is vaccinated, usually after 3 months of age, it is advisable to start with a professional hair treatment. While you might think that such short hair should not be treated as the dog is so young, we have to turn our attention to the fact that the dog should get used to the salon environment where sometimes a noise is heard, where there are other dogs and other distractions, so that later he will be coming to his treatment without any problems and with pleasure. Puppies should be coming in and having the treatment once a month the during the first few months. This will provide less time for grooming, the dog will get used, and enjoy grooming instead of experiencing trauma.

How often does my dog need to come for treatment?

It all depends on the dog breed and its hair type, and how long you want the coat to be. Generally, it is recommended that the dog is brought in every 4-6 weeks. This is also ideal for short-haired dogs, because it will prevent excessive shedding. The idea of more frequent treatments is to prevent the hair from getting too long, because in that case, it is easily getting dirty and tangled. Scheduling the future treatments is recommended, as that way you will avoid a long wait for the next treatment because of overbooking.

How much will the treatment cost?

Price depends on many factors, so, upon your arrival, your groomer at the salon will examine your dog, and give a price for the service that you want. Cost of the service depends on the state in which the dog is kept, the condition of his coat, temperament of the dog, type of hairstyle that you want for your dog and how much time is needed for treatment. These are all factors that determine the price of the service.

How long will the treatment of the dog in the salon last?

The time needed for completing the treatment of your dog depends on condition of the hair, what the treatment involves and what hairstyle we make. Given that in our salon a great number of dogs comes in per day, with different requirements, we will inform you of the approximate time when you can come back and pick him up. To avoid waiting, we will, at the end of treatment, call you on phone, and let you know about 15 minutes prior to the treatment completion. We advice costumers not to call to check when the dog will be ready, as we will call you as soon as we are finished. Answering the phone slows down the speed. Also, if you come for your dog before we have fully completed the treatment, your dog can create a problem because it will get distracted by your appearance and then, it will get very difficult to complete treatment. It is especially dangerous during cutting with a sharp pair of scissors that dog reacts emulating you. If you are in a hurry, please let us know before you schedule, so we are aware of this, so can make different organization and meet your requirements.

Can I stay and watch?

No, it does not work in that way. Your dog will constantly try to come up to you and therefore, will be in constant stress and will not stand still. This makes grooming almost impossible. Discuss the desired haircut with groomer, express to him your requirements and swiftly hand over the dog, and leave out of dog’s eyesight. If you prolong the process of handing over the dog, the dog will become very nervous and it's not good for him during treatment. Some dogs react quite loudly when their owner leaves, but you will be surprised how quickly the dog gets used to the salon, and stay in it without an owner. It's like when you leave a child in a candy store. It is normal for some dogs to shake and tremble when they come to the salon, but if you do leave as soon as possible, the process of settling will last longer.

Will my dog be tied?

If the dog shows signs of aggression, we will put a gentle cloth around his mouth, for mutual safety and to prevent accidents or injury, and the cloth calms the dog down.

Will my dog be sedated?

Absolutely not! In Groom Room salon we are not using any kind of sedative to calm the dog, because we are not a veterinary clinic. Our Groomers are experts in psychology of dogs and dog are easily relaxed without any medication.

Will my dog be in a fenced area when I bring him to the salon?

When you bring your dog, he will be placed in his fenced space in which the floor is soft mat. Some immediately fall a sleep, and some remain alert and curious to see what is happening around the salon. Dogs of the same owner can share the same space.

Do you groom older dogs, and puppies?

Yes. In Groom Room, there are no restrictions on the dogs being groomed. However, our groomers will need to make the final judgment on how long the treatment of these dogs will last.

Why is the complete "shave" of the hair sometimes more expensive than a standard haircut?

In many cases, when the dog’s hair is very tangled, extremely hard and dense, extremely dirty, or is in any other condition which in itself makes shaving much more difficult than making a standard haircut, but it is often necessary to do that. This procedure, when the hair is very tangled, also exposes the tools with which we work (clippers, blades, scissors ...) to additional stress, with the possibility of damage, which requires additional costs after the fullfilling of such treatment (for possible repair and sharpening). Also, special care and caution is required, when performing such a task, for it to be done properly and safely.

My dog has a lot tangles and cnobs. Is it necessary to completely shave the hair?

This depends on the degree that the hair is tangled. The assessment will be made in the salon, and in consultation with a groomer, the right decision will be made. If we estimate that the hair too tangled, and that it is too stressfull for the dog for us to try and untangle it, then we may need to shave the hair. Serious ućebanost can lead to irritation of the skin, but also it may cover many other serious conditions such as red spots, dermatitis, seborrhea, swelling, abrasions and redness. Decision of shaving the dog’s hair has to be made very responsibly since sometimes it is far more stressful for a dog to be shaved, then to sustain several hours of untengeling.

How do I prevent tengling of hair on a dog?

There are some tricks that can make life easier for dogs and owners. What is important is that if you do not have time to brush your dog regularly, do not wash him! Call us, since washing a tangled hair on a dog has the same effect as washing a wool sweaters in hot water. Tangles gather and consolidate during drying. Before bathing the dog, completely brush him, paying particular attention to problematic areas of the body: chest, abdomen, groin, and armpit region and behind the ears. Check with a fine comb the area below the collar. These parts are the easiest and most entwined and tangled. Consult your groomer, about a tool that is correct for your dog's coat, as well as the right shampoo, and its proper use. Every groomer would prefer grooming a well combed,happy dog, rather then a the dog miserable and full of knots, who thinks the groomer is this bad man, who wants to pluck and pull his hair.

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